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At the core of every Calyx Labs device is an industry-leading CCELL® battery. All of our hardware provides a reliable, consistent vaping experience while delivering the most natural representation of the client’s product. Come and discover how Calyx is utilizing CCELL® vaporization technology to continue elevating industry standards in innovation, safety and power.

Peak performance is achieved through even heating and unbroken saturation. CCELL® battery solutions power revolutionary ceramic heating units that allow oil to flow evenly, ahead of the rate of vaporization. All components in direct contact with your brand’s formulations exceed FDA food-grade regulations and standards for production.

  • Patented CCELL® heating technology absorbs and vaporizes with unparalleled efficiency, avoiding waste and burnt flavor.
  • Overcharge protection is included in all of our rechargeable battery products.
  • Short-circuit protection disables the output to the cartridge in the unlikely event of a short being detected.
  • All of our CCELL® batteries are produced according to ISO13485/9001/14001, cGMP, WCA, and GSV standards.

our cartridges
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Consistency with every breath. Each device we carry is crafted to exacting specifications to deliver premium vapour flow for use with CCELL® battery solutions. Actuated inhale sensors instantly produce a consistent, flavourful vapour stream. Through the process of capillary action, porous ceramic cell atomizers wick oil from the device reservoirs, facilitating total vaporization and absorption with zero waste.

Constructed from medical-grade materials, our CCELL® cartridges ensure that the integrity and flavor of extracts are preserved throughout absorption and vaporization without the overheating or burning endemic to inferior vape technology. Imparting the quality and nuance of your brand's formulations to the end user through industry-leading tech solutions is our top priority.

  • All of our components meet the requirements of UN38.3, ensuring they are air-transport safe.
  • A 360º embedded heating element prevents overheating and dry inhalation.
  • A variety of inlet hole diameter options are available for a range of extract viscosities.
  • Our medical-grade ceramic atomizers control oil flow for smooth vapour in every inhale.

safety & technology

Built with CCELL®  vaporization technology, safety comes first for all of our Calyx Labs products.

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Vape Science

Learn about the science behind Calyx Labs’ industry-leading vaporization technology, including our revolutionary ceramic heating elements by CCELL®.

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