As a proud distributor of CCELL’s patented ceramic vaping technology, Calyx Labs seeks to enhance the interaction between nature and technology within the sector. For companies seeking to enter the vaporizer market, we’re your guide every step of the way, from planning to packaging.
Array of CCELL products carried by Calyx Labs. Ranges from 510 threaded cartridges to pod systems, disposables, and batteries

​​Wondering where to buy authentic CCELL® cartridges and batteries? Calyx Labs supplies licensed producers, retailers, wholesalers and other industry players with instant access to one of the fastest growing sectors of the industry. It has never been simpler to enter the concentrate vaporizer market.
CCELL Dart-X pod system cannabis concentrate system

Enhancing The Interaction Between Nature & Tech

At its heart, the industry is an expression of people, place, plants and passion. More than ever before, technology is changing and expanding the ways in which we consume.

For Calyx Labs, perfect harmony exists when our products enhance the interaction between nature and technology. Our goal is to provide industry-leading 510 thread carts, pod systems, disposable vapes, and vape batteries that offer superior delivery of THC, CBD, other terpenes.

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Unparalleled Execution

All of our hardware is here to support the integrity of your product. Engineered with precision using CCELL® technology for the perfect inhale, every time. CCELL® cartridges and batteries are designed with flavor and vapor in mind. Say goodbye to clogged vape pens and leaky carts and say hello to tasty vapor clouds.

Unrivalled Supply Chain

We understand your vape filling needs are time-sensitive and we’ve built our business to ensure our products are available to you while your oil is still fresh. Calyx Labs works closely with CCELL® to maintain comprehensive QA practices through all stages of production, from raw materials and engineering to the finished device.

Unmatched Commitment

You’ve poured blood, sweat, and tears into producing your extracts and we promise to match your commitment to quality. We’re proud to offer technology that elevates your products and leaves your customers with a lasting positive memory.

The Best Vapes Combine Aesthetics and Functionality

CCELL batteries are universally compatible but are best coupled with CCELL cartridges to reach optimum consistency, flavor, and potency. Our batteries are powered by high-quality rechargeable Li-ion batteries of various capacities. When fully charged, all of our batteries can vaporize an entire 0.5g cartridge.

Girl using CCELL m3b vape battery

510 Pen Style

The 510 thread pen style is the most common used connection type for vaping oil cartridges. The number 510 indicates that there are 10 threads of each measuring 0.5 mm. Calyx offers inhale and button activate batteries.

Girl using CCELL Palm vape battery

Magnetic Box Style

Our magnetic cart adapter means connecting your cartridge to our CCELL Palm and Silo batteries is as convenient as drop-and-snap. Along with their high capacity battery, our box style power supplies also provide excellent protection to you vape cart.

Girl using CCELL dart-x vape battery

Vape Pod Systems

510 threaded carts still dominate the market but today's cannabis consumer is always looking towards the future. Build brand loyalty and encourage repurchases with our proprietary pod systems like the popular vape

CCELL Dart-X pod system cannabis concentrate system

Moving Beyond The 510 Thread

CCELL's patented ceramic vaping technology has been an industry leader since its inception in 2016. Since then, many new brands have entered the market and attempted to copy CCELL's success.

CCELL is committed to technological innovation and product development, aiming to maximize the delivery of health and value in the field of vapor atomization.

This constant push for innovative new technologies has led to new product developments beyond the traditional 510 threaded vape carts. Today, we also offer a wide variety of vape pod delivery systems and disposable oil vapes to meet the needs of the ever-evolving Canadian and American vape markets.

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