Debut of the revolutionary HeRo Heating Technology at MJBizCon!

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Exciting news from CCELL as they proudly announced the debut of the revolutionary HeRo Heating Technology at MJBizCon!

This cutting-edge heating element takes center stage, incorporating advanced features such as THC and terpene partitioned atomization, dual oil pathways, and an isolated airway for the ultimate in safety and cleanliness. Designed to elevate Rosin extracts, the HeRo heating element is dedicated to unlocking the full flavor profiles of Rosin extracts and delivering superior highs that consumers will truly savor. This innovation represents a significant leap forward in the world of vaping technology. At the event, CCELL showcased the first product featuring HeRo technology - the 0.5ml Rosin Bar all-in-one device. This device was not only unveiled but also tested by industry members at our exclusive afterparty, providing a hands-on experience of its game-changing capabilities alongside our other exciting releases.Key features of the 0.5ml Rosin Bar include a 0.5mL capacity, a powerful 300mAh battery with TYPE-C charging, an inhale-activated mechanism, and the option for customization. We invite you to join us in revolutionizing the vaping experience and explore the future of cannabis technology.

Connect with us to be part of the journey into a new era of satisfaction for cannabis enthusiasts. If you were able to try the Rosin Bar at MJBizCon we are eager to hear your thoughts.

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