Introducing the EVO Max heating element, a groundbreaking technology designed specifically for liquid diamonds.

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Since pioneering the first mass market ceramic core in 2016, CCELL has been a trendsetter, introducing the EVO core for live resin and high terpene extracts in 2022 and now the next generation of cores is here to captivate connoisseurs.

At MJBizCon 2023 CCELL® unveiled its latest heating technologies and cutting-edge hardware products.Introducing the EVO Max heating element, a groundbreaking technology designed specifically for liquid diamonds. Addressing issues like clogging and burning that users often encounter with other products, this innovation promises unparalleled flavors and cloud production.This cutting-edge technology is incorporated into the 0.5ml/1ml M6T-EVO Max and TH2-EVO Max cartridges, as well as the 1ml Voca LD all-in-one devices.

With wide-ranging compatibility across various hardware styles, it caters to the preferences of diverse audiences.Experience the future of vaping with CCELL® – where innovation meets unmatched quality!

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Where nature meets technology, Calyx Labs is a B2B cannabis vaporization hardware manufacturer and distributor.

The well-being of our consumer base is always top of mind. Calyx products feature medical and food grade, industry-leading CCELL® technology, manufactured under the strictest standards of quality assurance and consumer safety. We believe that safe, responsive, premium vaporization technology should be available to licensed producers, retailers, and other industry players of all shapes and sizes at competitive price points. Whether a brand is just starting out, or is well established and exploring new options, our interactive customization process provides bespoke solutions.

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