CCELL Nominated for O'Cannabiz Awards

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The cannabis industry in North America has come a very long way since Canada first legalized cannabis in 2018. We've seen companies rise and fall, consumers' preferences have evolved, and brands are always striving to create the next best product. The O'Cannabiz Awards seek to highlight the hard work of these innovative brands during their annual awards gala. Due to the pandemic, the awards have not taken place since 2019 but many in the industry are looking forward to this year's ceremonies on June 1st, 2022.

Who's Nominated for O’Cannabiz Awards?

There are many amazing companies, brands, and products nominated this year in a huge variety of categories. At Calyx Labs we' are incredibly proud to see our supplier CCELL nominated for "Brand of the Year". We're especially excited to have three of our product offerings also nominated for awards. Our PALM, Dart-X and SLYM vape hardware are all nominated for their unique innovative qualities.

CCELL® is in the Running for “Brand of the Year” at O’Cannabiz

What it Takes to be Brand of the Year

The O'Cannabiz nominees for Brand of the Year have shown significant branding as an outreach tactic in the industry, from brand management to capturing innovative and effective efforts. As the O'Cannabiz Awards edge closer, I had the opportunity to sit down with Anthony Carnevale from Calyx Labs to gain insight into what makes CCELL® such an outstanding brand.

Since its establishment in 2016, CCELL® has been researching atomization vaping technologies and has sold millions of units worldwide. CCELL®’s parent company, SMOORE Technology Limited, transformed the vaping market when it introduced the world's first patented ceramic heating atomizer.

CCELL® has continued to lead the market with superior R&D resources, strong production capabilities, and reliable quality control systems. As the cannabis vaping market heats up, patent development and protection have become extremely important to CCELL®'s expansion in the last few years. CCELL® has consistently increased investment in R&D technology and high-level talent teams within each of their seven research facilities. CCELL® currently employs over 600 engineers with diverse backgrounds and 33 Ph.D. professionals. At Calyx Labs we’re proud to be the first and only Canadian CCELL® distributor.

SMOORE, CCELL®'s parent business, possesses many designs and research and development technology patents in the atomization field. CCELL® has filed for 463 patent applications domestically and internationally and issued 209. Some of these patents include familiar and widely used products like the M6T05/M6T10 vape cart, SILO Battery, DART, and PALM Battery.

A Mini Case Study: How The Recent Climate of the Vape Market Set CCELL® up for Success

When Cannabis 2.0 launched in February 2021, vapes were the go-to-market priority. With a long-standing presence in the market, vapes gained traction alongside increased ancillary revenue for retailers from battery and other related accessories sales. Therefore, I wanted to look into the climate that set CCELL® up for success leading up to the O'Cannabiz Awards this June. To do this, I relied on statistics analyzing consumer trends and product category sales comparisons from Statics Canada (2018-2020), OCS (2020-2021), and Dutchie (2022). The following section focuses on the cannabis market's data adjacent to the presence of the PALM Battery on the market since 2017.

Statistic Canada's "Looking back from 2020, how cannabis use and related behaviours changed in Canada," Michelle Rotermann analyzed cannabis categories and consumption types through three financial quarter comparisons. As you can see from above, Statistics Canada places vape products as the third most popular method of consumption from 2019 until 2020. The statistics come from pre-Cannabis 2.0’s implementation, seeing a significant increase post-2021

Cannabis Vapes in Ontario

The Calyx Labs team works the majority of the time out of the Greater Toronto Area, making me interested in the details of user demand for the current provincial cannabis vape market (and consequently vape accessories). In the Ontario Cannabis Store's Quarterly Review from Q3 2021, the vape category increased 16% from the previous quarterly report.

In Ontario, vape sales totalled approximately $63.5 million from October to December. $2M of the $63.5 million came from the proprietary system vape cartridges and 510-thread vape kits accounted for just under $1M. When looking further into the Ontario vape market, in the 2020-2021 Annual OCS Report, there was a 12.5% revenue share increase in vapes compared to 2019-2020.

Dutchie, the most popular cannabis point of sale and e-commerce platform, released data in a report showing that 25% of sales on their platform are from the vape cartridge product category.  See: Post-420 Sales Insight

CCELL® PALM is in the Running for “Favorite Product of the Year” at O’Cannabiz

Black CCELL Palm battery with clear mouthpiece vape cart inside

The iconic PALM battery set the trend when it was launched in 2017 as one of the very first 510 thread batteries. PALM, as its name indicates, snuggly fits into the palm while packing a stable large battery that delivers consistent, full vapor hits. Deliberately simplified with a no-button design, PALM auto-calibrates the power output so that all you need to do is inhale and enjoy. This amazing product released a new look this year with color clashing options that have wowed the crowd. Notwithstanding the colorful appearance, PALM thoughtfully features a nifty partial oil view window and a stealth breathing LED indicator to keep things discreet. PALM has sold more than 2.15 million pieces across the globe and is continually evolving with its refreshed looks.

For a product with five years standing in the market, the CCELL® PALM has made tremendous strides for such a small device. The innovation and application of “simple tech” pathed a direct path to award season.

Calyx Labs is powered by CCELL®, a patented vaporization hardware manufacturer that offers industry-leading safety, performance, and versatility. As a B2B supplier, Calyx Labs helps cultivators, extractors, and retailers work together to elevate the cannabis sector through CCELL® technology.

The PALM battery was released in 2017 and was one of the first cannabis focussed 510-threaded batteries. Since its launch, the small, compact handheld device has gained traction and positive reviews. Later this year, CCELL released a whole new series of colors that stunned customers with bright designs. In addition, the PALM's efficient yet straightforward engineering makes it a desirable option for users looking for a discrete device.


With more than 2.15 million pieces sold worldwide, the PALM is no underrated competitor for this year's People's Choice Award for Best Product. The PALM is 55mm x 42mm x 8.9mm, and is modeled with a inhalation activated power output. The auto-calibration intends to keep the design uncomplicated, sleek, and applicable for every vape user's needs. Each device is tried and tested and supplied with two magnetic 510 thread adapters. Constructed with an aluminum alloy housing, the PALM is exceptionally durable.

CCELL® is one of the most well-known battery suppliers in the world. They have gained immense traction and love from customers because of their product quality and performance consistency. All CCELL®’s rechargeable batteries are constructed with protection against short-circuiting, overcharging, and overuse. In addition to this, CCELL® products are also produced according to ISO13485/9001/14001, cGMP, WCA, and GSV standards. The battery in the PALM has a capacity of 55mAh, a power range of 3.2V - 3.7V, and a high-quality circuit board.

CCELL® SLYM is in the Running for “Innovative Product” at O’Cannabiz

CCELL® releases new upgrade to the SLYM Disposable vape gaining traction as Canada’s Cannabis Award season continues.

CCELL's patented ceramic heating core was able to surpass its original form and minimized into a smaller size while maintaining its unrivaled performance. This breakthrough allowed the creation of one of the slimmest disposable vapes yet to date at just 6.7mm - SLYM. SLYM features a 3.2mm ceramic heating core that uses an extremely permeable formulation to allow smoother vapors for high viscosity oils.

The 6.7mm disposable vape also features an in-mold contour-cut mouthpiece design that leaves an oil view window. This is one of the very first times this technique has been implemented on disposable vaporizers. The slim body is possible thanks to its 0.2mm stainless steel shell, also a breakthrough CCELL was able to bring to life.

Buy long-lasting CCELL® high-quality vapes, batteries, and pod systems in Canada from CALYX Labs located in Toronto, Ontario.

CCELL’s proprietary vape technology provides industry-leading safety, performance, and versatility. As a B2B supplier of CCELL®, Calyx Labs assists processors, extractors, and retailers  in collaborating to improve the cannabis industry through the best vape products. Their success is determined by the quality of each formulation, and both the manufacturer and Calyx Labs work together to ensure that the vaping experience is at its best. SMOORE, CCELL®'s parent company, holds a number of atomization-related design and research and development technology patents. More specifically, they have filed for over 400 patents in the USA and elsewhere. 

SLYM Overview

Purchase B2B from CALYX Labs for quality, long lasting vaporizers with Medical-Grade 316L Stainless Steel. 

  • Transparent 0.3ml Tank 
  • Battery Capacity: 280mAh
  • Dimensions 99mm x 19mm x 6.7mm
  • Food-Grade PCTG Mouthpiece
  • Made from Medical-Grade 316L Stainless Steel 
  • Ultra-Slim Lightweight Design
  • Full Metal Housing with Metallic Matte Finish
  • Available in 9 colours
  • 70 Puffs

The SLYM is one of the latest releases from CCELL® and contains self-adapting temperature settings. Like all CCELL® devices, its battery is protected from short circuits, overuse, and overcharging. CCELL® has become known worldwide in the vaporizer industry because of its lengthy list of patented technologies and high-quality products. The SLYM is easy to use with a built-in LED and inhalation activation technologies. This ultra-thin popular pick comes in a variety of colours, including avocado, olive, yellow, orange, green, black, navy blue, gold, and blue. Like all CCELL® products, the SLYM is available for customization through Calyx Labs

The transparent oil tank of the SLYM has a contour-cut mouthpiece insulated on a smooth metallic matte surface and is housed in a distinctive ultra-thin casing. The innovative ceramic heating core from CCELL® shrank from its original size while preserving its unsurpassed performance. SLYM also has a stylish inhale-activated LED light, which adds a clever touch to this simple yet elegant design. The SLYM has a highly efficient 3.2mm ceramic heating core system.

Unlike other cannabis vaporizers on the market today, CCELL®'s innovative vaporizers are heavily researched, tested, and engineered to create the best experience possible. In addition, the engineers, Ph.D.'s, and manufacturing teams have invented one of the lowest fail rate vape catalogs through vigorous Research and Development processes. As a result, CCELL® operations can produce millions of units per month and have sold billions of units worldwide.

Top-Quality Innovation

The innovative CCELL® ceramic heating element found in CCELL® cartridges, pods, and disposables was designed to replace traditional cotton wick-based coils to provide the most flavourful vapour and best results for various viscosities. The SLYM's disposable design ensures little maintenance and excellent leak resistance. With medical-grade 316L stainless steel internal materials and an unrivalled ceramic heating centrepiece, SLYM provides enhanced safety measures and purer flavors.

Thanks to its contour-cut mouthpiece design, the 6.7mm disposable vape also has an oil view window. CCELL® produced one of the first instances of this method used in disposable vaporizers. The 0.2mm stainless steel shell makes the slim body possible, which was also a CCELL® breakthrough. The new streamlined design of the SLYM is power-packed and has a high-performance rate regardless of its small size. 

Safe Technology 

CCELL®'s leadership in the industry has defined the future of vaporizers since it first hit the scene in 2016. Sophisticated vaporizers have evolved from a niche market to a mainstream product in the past few years - especially in light of the release of Cannabis 2.0. Today, you can choose from various CCELL® vaporizer types like disposables, pod systems, and traditional 510 cartridges. Each vaporizer has its unique structure, size, and special features. At CCELL®, the team ensures you have all the essential information about each product and its technologies to make the best choice for your needs. Another critical aspect of CCELL®'s operations is their safety priority, ensuring all their products are made with the highest quality materials and trial-tested before hitting the market. 

DART-X: In The Running at O’Cannabiz Awards for Favourite Vaporizer

The DART-X is the second generation of CCELL's renowned DART pod system, a release that has gained unprecedented popularity for its futuristic design and excellent functionality. The new generation DART-X further elevates not only the design, but also the texture, functions, and performance of it’s predecessor.

The DART-X features a sturdy metallic body coated with a soft-touch finish, perfectly balancing between the beauties of Yin and the solidity in Yang. The new upgrades include a temp control button that also serves as a child-resistant lock, allowing you to switch between 3 different temperature settings while keeping it safe from children or accidental activations. What hasn't changed is the unrivaled inner ceramic core that generates consistent, smooth vapors, as well as the drop-n-go magnetic pod connector.

The cannabis industry is ever-evolving, pressuring brands to expand their product knowledge and catalogs. CCELL achieves this perfect equilibrium by combining plant extracts with award-winning technology that sets the standard for all other vaporizer companies in the cannabis space. As a result, they've gained extraordinary traction worldwide and have become the top leaders due to their deeply researched and tested vape tech science

Since 2016, producers, retailers, and other industry stakeholders have looked to CCELL® as the leading vaporizer technology producer for safe, responsive, and premium hardware access. Explore the success of CCELL® and their nomination for Favourite Vaporizer in this final report leading up to O'Cannabiz.

Buy and customize CCELL vapes in Canada from Calyx Labs located in Toronto.

Product Overview

The DART-X is the second generation of CCELL's famed pod system, which has become wildly popular due to its futuristic look and peak performance results. The new generation DART-X improved the design, functionality, and performance specs. 

The DART-X Pod will stay comfortably in your hands every time you enjoy it, thanks to its efficient design. Depending on what oils are being used in the device, users can adjust for the optimal temperature. The Dart-X gives you control over temperature, allowing you to locate the perfect balance between low maintenance, sleek aesthetic, and concentrated integrity.

Finally, the unequaled CCELL inner ceramic core produces a steady, smooth vapor with the original drop-and-go magnetic pod connector.

Other Features of the DART-X

  • Replacement pods available
  • Motion Activated/LED function indications
  • Short circuit, overuse, and overcharge protected
  • Magnetic connection for easy assembly
  • Child-resistant lock
  • Pod Dimensions: 1.3mm x 28.5mm x 33.5 / 38.6mm
  • 480 mAh rechargeable USB battery 
  • Available in 0.5ml and 1.0ml pods 
  • Type-C Charging
  • Now available in three colours: white, purple, and green

In a recent interview with Leafly, CCELL stated, "Our engineers designed [the DART-X for the pickiest of the vape connoisseurs…[this] is the ultimate merging of power and function. We're incredibly proud of it."

Who's Nominated for O’Cannabiz Awards?

There are many amazing companies, brands, and products nominated this year in a huge variety of categories. At Calyx Labs we' are incredibly proud to see our supplier CCELL nominated for "Brand of the Year". We're especially excited to have three of our product offerings also nominated for awards. Our PALM, Dart-X and SLYM vape hardware are all nominated for their unique innovative qualities.

CCELL's Recent Success

CCELL® was founded on principals and the goal to offer the industry-leading premium technology at an affordable price. With some of the lowest failure rates in the industry and no maintenance required, CCELL® products have fewer leaks and reduce overheating with every hit. In addition, the leading vaporizer hardware producer follows comprehensive quality assurance and testing methods in state-of-the-art laboratory facilities. 

The execution the CCELL team has displayed over the last six years is unrivalled due to their 200+ established patents. Forming an unparalleled supply chain, Calyx Labs collaborates with CCELL® to ensure thorough quality control at all production phases, from raw materials to engineering to the finished product. We're delighted to provide an unparalleled commitment  to companies who carefully cultivate their cannabis products to supply the highest-quality vape hardware in the world. Thanks to their Canadian distributor, Calyx Labs, CCELL® has seen increasing success in Canada.

CCELL at O’Cannabiz Awards

The winners of the O'Cannabiz Awards will be announced at the Industry Awards Gala on June 1st, 2022, in Toronto, Ontario. CCELL® is currently in the running for the following awards:

  • Product of the Year (PALM Battery)
  • Brand of the Year (CCELL®)
  • Innovative Technology of the Year (Slym)
  • Best Vape (Dart-X)

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