Why People Love The CCELL® Luster Pod Vape System

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What is a Luster Pod?

The Luster Pod Vape System is one of CCELL’s most popular vape pod systems. We’ve written extensively about vape pod systems in the past and today we’d like to highlight some of the great features and FAQs related to Luster pods and the Luster pod device.

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CCELL® has been one of the best cannabis vape manufacturers in the world since it first created the ceramic core atomizer in 2016. While universal 510-threaded cartridges have been the norm in the cannabis industry, we are seeing all vape manufacturers doubling down on their own proprietary vape systems in recent years. While many vape pods have hit the North American cannabis market recently, many have failed to catch transaction with consumers. The Luster Pod Vape is an excellent pod system for a lot of reasons we will cover below.

Wondering what makes the Luster Pod so great? Aside from its sleek design, it’s all powered by CCELL’s revolutionary ceramic core technology. Since 2016, CCELL has been in the market of producing the best vape carts in the world. Through massive investments in human capital and R&D, CCELL never stopped improving on their already amazing technology.

Recently, we saw CCELL introduce the use of medical-grade 316L stainless steel into their vape hardware. This grade of stainless steel is one of the most corrosion resistant materials in the world, and guarantees that customers of the Luster Pod can vape cannabis without fear of metals leaching into their oil. Continuous product improvement and innovations can be largely accredited to the 100+ PhDs they have on staff, always working to ensure CCELL hardware meets the strictest safety standards and the performance cannabis consumers have come to expect from the brand.

Luster Pod Troubleshooting & Tricks

One of the best things about pod vapes is that they are much less prone to the issues many consumers experience with 510-threaded cartridges. With this being said, there are definitely some tips we give all of our clients when they purchase Luster systems from us. Some of these tips are specific to businesses using the Luster and some are “best use” tips for businesses to share with their own customers:

  1. Ensure the battery is charged well before use. The device has enough power to vape an entire 0.5ml pod when fully charged. When stored properly your customer should also get a full charge in their battery after purchasing.
  2. Capping After Filling. The Luster pod does not need to be capped as quickly as a standard 510-thread cart but we recommend capping as soon as possible to avoid any oxidation of your oils. The pod actually offer significantly more UV protection than a cart does so oils can be stored inside for 2-3x longer than they can in a cart without degrading.
  3. Carry a Toothpick With Your Vape. When we store our vapes in our pockets its not uncommon for some lint to build up inside the mouthpiece. A small toothpick or a paper clip can be really helpful to clear out the vaping path and make sure that no lint is being sucked to the back of your throat.
  4. Luster Pod Battery Blinking. The Luster will blink when it is low on battery and when the connection to the pod is not working properly. If your pod is blinking reach out to us and we will do our best to help you troubleshoot the problem.
  5. Luster Pod Compatibility. The Luster pods only work with Luster power supplies and vice-versa. There is no compatibility with other vape pod systems like the Pax Era, Gpen Gio, or other CCELL pod systems.
  6. How to Open a Luster Pod. Once the Luster pod is sealed it cannot be reopened. this means it is not a great product for customers looking to refill their spent pods. Oppositely, companies looking to limit the amount of refilling by their customers should consider this product and/or other pod systems we carry that cannot be refilled.

Luster Pod Accessories

The Luster system is still fairly new so there aren’t that many accessories on the market to accommodate it just yet. There are two product we’d like to highlight for you since we do think they offer consumers a bit more in terms of usability as well as allowing your company to gain brand exposure to an even higher level.


Yes, everyone knows about lanyards. We’ve all seen them and probably have a drawer filled with them somewhere in our homes. Yes, they are overused. Yes, they are still helpful for vapers. A custom branded lanyard that allows vapers to tether their Luster to their body is a great accessory for customers who frequent music festivals, raves, business conferences, and anything else where your hands are often tied up

The Original Dab Cap

We love these things. The Dab Cap allows vape users to connect their vape carts and pods to their favorite glass accessories. This accessory allows the Luster pods, with their superior airflow, to shine when attached to a good quality dab rig. The big hits provided by the luster will leave consumers wondering why they'd ever buy another dab nail and torch ever again. The Dab Cap closes the gap between vapers and dabbers and we cannot say enough good things about them. They are even customizable with your brand and can even be included in a Luster Starter Kit if that’s something your company is interested in.

How Do Luster Pods Compare to The Competition?

Luster Pod Vs. Cartridges

At Calyx Labs, we believe pod systems will soon replace 510-threaded carts for a number of reasons. Primarily, they just work better with less issues like leaking and clogging. Since they do not contain any glass, they are also less prone to breakage. This helps ensures your client will enjoy your oils right until the last drop.

While pod systems do not offer the universal compatibility of standard 510 systems, they represent a new opportunity for brands to differentiate themselves and help solve a number of common customer complaints.

Pax Pods vs. Luster Pods

So now you know pods trump carts but, how does the Luster compare to other pod systems on the market?  Over the past 2-3 years we’ve seen the Pax Era pod system gain some decent traction with consumers. Both of these systems boast the benefits of pods vs carts but we think the Luster is better at providing bigger hits due to its wider airflow. With this being said, it is not uncommon for users to find they go through Luster pods 20-40% faster than they do on Pax pods. For some consumers, this may be viewed as a drawback but we’ve found most people would prefer to take fewer hits to achieve the same level of dosing.

Where to Buy CCELL® Luster Pod Battery near me?

While Calyx Labs focuses on providing cannabis businesses with wholesale vape hardware, consumers looking to buy a Luster Pod Battery, our friends over at Westside Vapor in Ohio have got you covered!

Check out Westside Vapor here

If your company is in the market for Luster Pods, Batteries or any other vape hardware to stock your shelves with please contact us today and speak with one of our account executives.

Our team always provides quick and easy service and will always do our best to work with you on the Luster Pod price, ensuring your vape hardware is good to customers and your bottom line.

What Type of Oil is Best for Luster Pods?

One of the best aspects of CCELL’s vape hardware is its versatility. By working with us at Calyx Labs you will be given a lot of guidance around the right hardware for your specific oil formulations. 

All of our CCELL vape hardware can be ordered with inlet holes that suit your oils. Our 1.6mm aperture is ideal for highly viscous distillates and our 2.0mm is best suited for thicker live resin type concentrates. The apertures of all our CCELL hardware can range from 1.6-2.5mm and the Luster is no different.

Live Resin Luster Pod

Live Resin has been taking the North American market by storm lately. Consumers love the clean and very nature of these formulations but the thickness of the oils often leaves vape processors scratching their heads.

As stated above, Calyx Labs recommends larger inlet holes for products like live resin. Hit the “request samples” button at the top of this page to have one of our Account Executives reach out about how Calyx Labs can help take your live resin to market in the world’s best vape hardware.

What Comes in the Luster Pod Starter Kit?

The Luster Pod Vape System can be purchased as a “Starters Kit” for processors and retailers interested in providing their customers with a complete “out of the box” experience. The starter kit comes with everything your client will need to start vaping your oils, including:

  • Luster Pod
  • Luster Battery
  • Micro-USB Charging Cable

Is your company looking to enter the cannabis vape pod game? Calyx Labs is where nature meets technology and we're eager to help express your plant extracts with our game-changing technology.

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