CCELL Cartridge 101: Everything You Need To Know

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What is a CCELL Cartridge?

The CCELL 510-threaded cartridge lineup is powered by CCELL’s patented ceramic heating elements. Since 2016, CCELL’s revolutionary ceramic heating core has set the industry standard for safe, flavourful, and innovative cannabis oil vaping technology. CCELL is a part of the parent company, Shenzhen Smoore Technology Limited, which also runs the popular e-cigarette brands Vaporesso and FEELM. The ceramic heating element in a CCELL cartridge replaces traditional cotton-wick heating technology that is commonly found in nicotine e-liquid vaping cartridges.

The ceramic heating technology used by CCELL allows thick cannabis oils to be vaporized into dense and flavorful clouds without burning or leaking. The CCELL trademark looks to be viewed within the cannabis industry in the same way Intel is viewed by the computer industry. The CCELL logo on your vaping devices is a promise that your device contains  cutting edge technology and is backed by the best research and development in the world.

CCELL Ceramic Coil Cartridge

The oil permeability of CCELL’s ceramic core is the result of numerous nano-scale pores on the ceramic heating element, resulting in a greater permeability rate than competing products. Even the thickest oils can be quickly absorbed, stably stored, and atomized without any waste.

CCELL Cartridge Diagram

All of our CCELL 510-threaded carts use the same basic construction. The main parts of a CCELL cart are the mouthpiece, window, center post, ceramic core, and the 510-base. The real magic is made in the ceramic core (a.k.a. The atomizer) where your oils are delicately and evenly vaporized.

The medical-grade 316L stainless steel used in the center post and base is widely regarded as one of the most corrosion-resistant metals on the planet. This type of steel is common in medical equipment and other industries where health and safety are of the utmost priority.

Your company can also choose between glass windows and high-quality temperature-proof polymer. Mouthpiece customization also lets companies create custom carts that fit their brand’s aesthetic guidelines.

CCELL Cartridge Battery

One of the coolest things about 510-threaded carts is their universality. A CCELL cart can be used with any 510 battery however we do feel they work best with our CCELL batteries. There should be no surprises when you use a CCELL combo and you can expect high-quality vapor production straight out of the box.

CCELL has always pushed the battery game to new levels. A few years ago they released their popular PALM and SILO batteries, with 2022 seeing the introduction of the M3 Plus and the Rizo battery. These new batteries both have a variable temperature option which is fantastic for new live resin concentrates that have been taking the market by storm. These thicker resins benefit from a slightly higher heat setting and the Rizo and M3 Plus deliver!

How Long Do CCELL Cartridges Last?

The answer to this question can vary quite a bit. Firstly, a 0.5ml cart and a 1ml will last different amounts of time for obvious reasons. Secondly, the size of hit you take will affect cart longevity significantly as well.

For folks that prefer light/smaller, the cart should last you anywhere from a week up to a month to empty. For those avid dabbers out there and strong-lunged vapers that prefer large flavorful clouds, you can run through a cart in anywhere from a few hours up to a week. When it comes to the formulations inside, thicker oils will typically take slightly longer to consume than more viscous ones.

CCELL Cartridge Wattage

All CCELL carts come with a standard resistance of 1.5 ohms however this can be altered if your brand sees fit. This 1.5Ω resistance works perfectly well with any of the batteries described above. Most CCELL batteries offer a voltage level between 2.8V and 3.8V. Without getting too technical, this equates to a wattage (or power) level of roughly 5.5-10W. The major focus of CCELL is flavor, which is really well achieved using these lower wattage levels. 

Some people like to use third-party batteries with voltage levels in the 4-4.5V range. While these sorts of batteries can offer very large vapor production, the flavor is often sacrificed when using wattage levels above 11W.

Are CCELL Cartridges Reusable

A lot of people ask us, “are your carts reusable?”. The short answer is, no since we feel the quality of vapor produced out of a refilled cart is sub-par. With this being said, yes, some of our carts can be refilled if your customer should wish to do so.

How to Take Apart a CCELL Cartridge

When it comes to our CCELL carts you’re given two options, screw-on, and push-on mouthpieces. The push-on mouthpieces are very difficult to open without damaging the cartridge because they use a bit of vacuum pressure to help seal them perfectly.

The screw-on carts however are perfect for companies looking to have refillable vapes. Simply unscrewing the mouthpiece from the cart’s body will give you easy access to the filling chamber. If you’re finding the mouthpiece of a CCELL cart to be difficult to remove, it’s likely a push-on. There shouldn’t be that much effort required to unscrew the screw-on mouthpieces.

Cart Troubleshooting

Compared to joints and pipes, vapes are a bit more complex. Since they contain delicate electronics inside there are some things that can go wrong. If you are new to this type of technology then there may be some easy troubleshooting steps you can take to help bring your vape cart back to life

Why Is My CCELL Cartridge Not Working?

One great feature of most vape batteries is they can give you some clues as to why your cart isn’t working properly. The first thing you’ll want to do is ensure your battery is turned on properly and well charged before using.

If you’re certain the battery is not the issue then it’s recommended you observe how the lights on your battery act when drawing on your cart. Many different light flashing patterns can mean different things. Since we don’t know what battery you’re using we recommend checking the user’s manual for your specific device.

How to Clean CCELL Cartridge

If you are not getting any light when drawing, it’s likely there has been a connection issue. One of the best ways to test and resolve this is with a simple q-tip dipped in some rubbing alcohol. By scrubbing down both the connection on the battery and on the cart most issues are resolved.

How To Fix CCELL Cartridge?

If you’ve failed to clean your battery it can cause bigger issues from time to time. Take a look at the bottom of your cart, does it look like the image to the left? It’s likely the post in your base has come dislodged. The post is the small metal piece in the bottom right of the image. By cleaning that post with rubbing alcohol and reapplying it to your vape’s base you should see the vape start working again.


There are some options that can be chosen for all of our carts. From a visual perspective, the mouthpiece, base, and window of all our carts can be customized to reflect your brand’s aesthetic. From a functional perspective, there are a few options to choose from. Firstly, you’d choose between low-lead brass and 316L medical-grade stainless steel interiors. Secondly, you are able to select a custom aperture size for the intake holes of the atomizer. Thinner oils require smaller holes while thick oils like live resin may require inlet holes 2-2.5x larger than their more vicious cousins. While it's incredibly uncommon, you can also customize the resistance of your coil, however, we advise against this. We feel CCELL has spent enough money and time on R&D to select the perfect ohms level for vaping cannabis oil.

CCELL Cartridge 1ml or 0.5ml?

It’s no secret that cannabis consumers can be a picky bunch. Some of them like India, some like Sativa. Some prefer vapes and some prefer joints. When it comes to vapes specifically, there is a divide amongst consumers over half a gram and full gram cartridges. Luckily for you, CCELL’s 510 carts all come in 0.5ml and 1ml options. This allows your brand to create custom products that you know will serve your customers’ needs. Some people who vape a lot may find it frustrating, to need to replace their cartridge frequently. These types of consumers love our 1ml options. Oppositely, for consumers who toke less frequently, a full 1ml cart might just be too much oil for them. These types of customers would prefer 0.5ml carts that they can consume casually without worrying about the oils “going bad” from sitting in the tank for too long.

Where to Learn More

We love Reddit, especially for technical discussions about things like vape carts. If you’re interested in learning more about carts we recommend you subscribe to our email newsletter and visit the r/oilpen subreddit.

Where to Buy CCELL® Cartridges?

We're obviously big fans of CCELL's technology and we always strive to use vapes that employ this tech. Most brands that use premium CCELL carts will tell you in the product description. We recommend that you search for the keyword "CCELL" when browsing your local dispensary's website if you are interested in trying our products.

Empty CCELL Cartridges

At Calyx Labs we sell empty bulk CCELL carts at a reasonable price to vape producers, wholesalers, and retailers alike. Contact us today to request samples or to learn more about our pricing.

CCELL Cartridge Price

CCELL carts are a premium product. Comparing the price of CCELL's well-developed products to a cheap knockoff is something we run into all the time. There are many sellers on wholesale sites like Alibaba claiming to carry authentic CCELL products. You should know CCELL only deals with a handful of distributors, Calyx Labs being one of them.

As we've stated, CCELL is a premium brand. The price of our carts reflects the years of R&D invested into creating the best-performing vapes on the market. If you are interested in using CCELL's premium technology please reach out to us today and we can see if CCELL's high-quality vape carts are the right fit for your company.

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