AUXO Cira Review: The Best Concentrate Vaporizer Under $250?

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Introducing the Cira Vaporizer

The cannabis concentrates segment represents less than 5% of total cannabis sales in many legal jurisdictions across the globe. Cannabis concentrates, extracts or dabs are some of the most potent products on the market both in terms of cannabinoid content and flavorful terpenes. On top of their superior strength and flavor, extracts are also some of the most economical ways to consume cannabis.

So if concentrates offer stronger effects, flavor, and better economy to users, then why do they represent such a small percentage of the market? Well, for one they are not as straightforward as simply rolling up a joint, eating an edible, or ripping a bowl out of a pipe.

Portable e-rigs are one solution to this issue. With the initial success of popular e rigs like the Dr. Dabber Switch and the Puffco Peak, almost every vaporizer company in the world has its own rendition of a portable e rig. Smoore, the parent company of the popular CCELL vape cart brand, has made its first entrance into this space with the AUXO Cira e rig.

AUXO is a brand owned by SMOORE Ltd. the parent company of popular vape hardware, CCELL. Their first claim to fame was inventing the ceramic core atomizer that revolutionized cannabis oil vaping. Now, they’ve taken their knowledge of the cannabis industry and put their established manufacturing capabilities to work to create the Cira dab rig.

This new device offers a fantastic vaping experience for all sorts of oils, isolates, live resins, rosins, and other cannabis waxes. The Cira rig offers unparalleled battery life, incredible flavor, and easy functionality all for a retail price of <$250. The Cira outperforms every other e rig at this price point like the Pulsar Rok rig.

AUXO Cira Review: Best E Rig of 2022?

“The Best” is always such a subjective experience. It’s hard to compare all e rigs against each other since most have their own pluses and minuses when it comes to design, function, and durability.


We love the design of this device. With its detachable charging base, handblown glass attachment, and interchangeable banger bucket, the Cira offers a ton of great design features that help set it apart from others in its category.

The Cira fits in your hands very well and never seems to get too hot, even during heavy use. The housing has a nice metallic feel and the weight of the device gives off a premium feel witnhout making it too heavy to carry around all day in a bag.

*NEW* Glass Attachment

We’re incredibly excited to see the Cira now comes with a thicker and easier to clean glass attachment. As seen in the image below, the single percolator stem makes cleaning the e rig a breeze, without sacrificing functionality. While the water filtration and cooling effects of adding a little water is preferred by most users, we’ve even found that the device produces an excellent tasting and super smooth vapor when used “dry”.


The Cira is super user friendly and is designed for ease-of-use in mind. With only three buttons and a few parts, getting your first session up and running should be a breeze for even the most amateur dabbers.

The 2000mAh battery of the Cira gives users a ton of use before needing to recharge. When using the titanium bucket option we find that the de3vice operates so efficiently it can actually get around 40-50 uses before depleting the battery. The convenient charging base makes charging between uses very convenient as well.

User Interface

The small LED screen on the Cira gives users all the information they’d ever need for a quick and easy dabbing session. The screen indicates temperature and time remaining in the session. By default the Cira runs 30s sessions, however with a simple double click of the top button, users can extend their sessions by 15s as many times as needed.

*NEW* Deeper Buckets

One of the coolest features of the Cira are the quartz and titanium buckets that come with the device. The atomizers on this product last for quite a while and we’ve yet to have one break on us. The quartz buckets offer excellent flavor potency while the titanium ones allow for very quick and efficient dabbing.

We prefer the titanium ones because they offer heat up times under 5s. The quartz buckets do take a while to fully heat up but in the end, they do taste leaps-and-bounds above the titanium ones.

We’re also excited to announce AUXO recently upgraded the quartz and titanium heating buckets to feature deeper reservoirs. Both options now offer 3x the bucket depth, allowing for significantly larger dabs than its predecessor.


We’ve been running our Cira heavily for well over 6 months with no complaints. With the added durability of the new upgraded glass attachment, we feel comfortable taking our Cira anywhere with us without fearing it will break down.

In terms of cleanability, the Cira performs fantastic. Many E-rigs on the market can get damaged or act finicky after cleaning. We have not experienced this with the Cira and it has made it through hundreds of cleanings without losing any visual appeal or functionality. 

Who Is The Cira Auxo For?

The Cira e rig is well suited for new dabbers and seasoned vets alike. For people who are new to dabbing, the ease of use and low-temperature dabbing options provide a convenient and enjoyable way to enter the world of cannabis concentrates.

For folks who dab regularly, the Cira can definitely be called one of the best e rigs on the market. Fans of dabbing are probably familiar with established brands like Focus V, Puffco, and Dr. Dabber since they’ve all been on the market for a few years. The Cira looks to position itself in the “low cost high function” category of this market. Priced well below the other devices with similar functionality and quality, the Cira is sure to satisfy anyone looking to get great dabs without breaking the bank.

What comes in the Auxo Cira Kit?

The cira dab rig kit comes with everything you’d need to start dabbing right away. The most notable things would be the charging base coupled with the quartz and titanium buckets.

The charging base for the cira adds a level of stability to the device when it’s sitting on a flat surface. We really like the fact that the base allows you to charge the device simply by placing it down on a table, unlike other devices that require you to plug them in each time you’d need to charge.

The advantage of getting a quartz and a titanium atomizer means users will get to choose which style they prefer, creating a more customized vaping experience. As we’ve stated above, we’re big fans of the titanium coil for its speedy preheating function and quick cooldown times. This rapid heat up and cooldown feature allows users to consume more dabs in less time.


The Cira e rig by AUXO Vapor is one of the finest dab rigs on the market for under $250. Compared with its more expensive competitors like the Puffco and Focus V products, it offers fantastic vapor for a fraction of the price. This means customers of the Cira can use their hard earned money on more concentrates to dab.

The option to choose between quartz and titanium heating elements is also well received as users can decide for themselves whether they prioritize flavor or quick use. The flavor that is produced from both types of atomizer is very good but there is a definite difference when it comes to the more delicate terpenes that really shine on the quartz nail.

At Calyx Labs we believe the Cira is set to make a big impact on the cannabis concentrate vaporization market. If you’re interested in stocking your business with a more affordable e-rig option, contact our sales team today! 

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